Aggreko Solutions

Aggreko is a Power Management company, delivering fully-engineered, turnkey power management solutions to Exploration and Production customers operating in shale plays across North America. Our services enable customers to achieve maximum operational uptime in even the remotest locations.

Aggreko’s approach is what sets us apart. We design temporary power systems by looking at the entire life cycle of a field, and delivering reliable, cost-effective energy systems that are comparable to a utility. Every utility package we set up and manage is based on unique site and operational needs, regardless of scale or size. Whether our customers have partial grid power or none at all, are looking to leverage site gas as fuel, or need a more efficient system that changes with the your operations, Aggreko can provide a complete solution.

From powering one-rig to powering multiple rigs, our solutions scale up or scale down alongside our customer’s operations without capital expenditure. With experienced engineers, product experts and skilled technicians on staff, we are ready to support well development activities anytime, anywhere.

Diesel Solutions

Ranging from 60kW to 2,000 kW, Aggreko offers Diesel Generator solutions featuring unique synchronizing and load-sharing capabilities, spill containment and sound attenuated enclosures – ideal for oil field operations.

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Natural Gas Solutions

Deployed as quickly as Diesel solutions, Aggreko’s low-emission natural gas reciprocating generator solutions range from 95kW to 1,300 kW and can offer operators a cost savings of 40-45% in fuel savings alone.

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Alternative Fuel Solutions

Aggreko’s fleet of Natural Gas Generators can also operate on a variety of alternative fuels including Propane, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and field gas. This provides operators with a consistent reliable source of fuel for power generation.

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Aggreko Remote Monitoring

Aggreko’s Remote Monitoring solution includes centralized, real-time asset monitoring, the technical expertise of the Remote Operations Center and the performance of Aggreko’s network of local service centers, which combine to offer operators a reliable, innovative system to help ensure up-time of their field operations.

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