Aggreko showcases Mobile Natural Gas Solution at PiOGA Pig Roast, Equipment Show and Conference

July 24, 2014

Aggreko’s Marcellus and Utica Team displayed a trailer mounted Natural Gas Generator solution with an onaboard scrubber at the 2014 PiOGA Pig Roast, Equipment Show and Conference which took place July 22-23 at Seven Springs Resort in Pennsylvania.

This year’s conference, themed “A Peek into the Future”,  featured topics on Horizontal Drilling, Water Disposal, Hydraulic Fracturing, Utilizing LNG for High Horsepower, Alternative Fuel and Natural Gas.

Aggreko Natural Gas Solutions, like the one displayed at the event (and below), offer Operators a tremendous cost savings versus other power solutions. In addition, Aggreko’s Natural Gas Generator offering makes it easy for Oil & Gas Operators to scale up an scale down depending on the size of their operation in the shale play. Aggreko’s generators also feature remote monitoring capability and are serviced and maintained by trained and certified Aggreko technicians.

Aggreko PiOGA Pig Roast and Equipment Show 2014