Oil Sands

Alberta, Canada

Described as Canada’s “greatest buried energy treasure”, the Alberta Oil Sands region represents the third largest oil reserve in the world and plays a significant role in the Canadian and global economies. Operators and Producers in the region rely on in-situ production and mining techniques to extract and recover oil in the Oil Sands. Due to the remote nature of many of the operations and often sever weather conditions, power and temperature utilities are necessary to ensure consistent up-time of productions.

With service centers located in Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Husky Sunrise, and Kearl, Aggreko supports operators and producers in the Oil Sands with temporary utility power, heating and cooling. By working closely with our customers and understanding the full scale of their operations, Aggreko’s team of experts deliver solutions that are economical, scalable and reliable.

Oil Sands Solutions

Power Solutions

Aggreko offers temporary diesel, natural gas and dual-fuel powered solutions ranging from 30kW to 2,000kW and a full range of low to high voltage distribution equipment . Features include unique synchronizing and load-sharing capabilities, spill containment, sound-attenuated enclosures, reduced emissions and mobility.

Temperature Control Solutions

Cooling and Heating Solutions can be crucial for comfort and production during Offshore operations. Aggreko provides Chillers, Cooling Towers, Air Conditioners, Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Air Handlers and Temperature Control Accessories

Remote Monitoring

Aggreko’s Remote Monitoring solution includes centralized, real-time asset monitoring, the technical expertise of the Remote Operations Center and the performance of Aggreko’s network of local service centers, which combine to offer operators a reliable, innovative system to help ensure up-time of their field operations.