Case Study: Oil & Gas | Powering Man Camps

Permian Basin

West Texas
The Situation
A comfortable workforce is also a productive workforce. “Man camps” — temporary housing that is springing up for drilling workers in fast-developing North American oilfields — require power in places where usually none can be found.
When a Permian Basin client wanted to power a new 500-person man camp to boost productivity and offer their workforce a comfortable option to long-distance commuting, it approached Aggreko to help deliver a cost-cutting, reliable power solution.
The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko built a fully-redundant temporary power system, providing three 300 kW units to provide electricity for a 500-person man camp situated on ten 20 acre pads of land in a remote, West Texas location. The temporary solution helped the client lower operating costs and delivered consistent power comparable to utility.

Aggreko helped the client improve personnel comfort and avoid potential loss of productivity associated with inefficient operations, or downtime in its maintenance department. Workers returned from 12 to 16 hour shifts in the field to fully powered quarters rather than to dark living facilities, or areas where a partial power solution shuts off power during the night.

Why was Aggreko chosen?

With past experience in powering man camps, Aggreko helped deliver reliable power, and all-important worker comfort to the field. In engineering the project, Aggreko was able to build in redundancy so there were no outages at any time.