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Alberta, Canada
PROJECT SUMMARY: Turn-key power solution keeps Oilsands Running
Aggreko Solution A remote oilsands construction site required a complete temporary utility solution for critical project demands
Engineered temporary closed-loop chiller system managed seasonal temperature limitations
Pipeline flow increased by 50%, while discharge temperatures reduced by 10%
The Situation
A developer was responsible for providing site-wide services and utilities for construction activities at a major oilsands project in northeastern Alberta. Construction began prior to the installation of a permanent power supply, and multiple generator sets would be needed to ensure uninterrupted production.
Equipment would need to withstand harsh climates, be adaptable in its use and have technical support included in the service. One key criterion for the project was to create a system that could expand or contract as the project progressed. Along with generator power, heating would be needed in the construction phase for equipment preservation in temporary buildings, worker comfort in maintenance facilities, and equipment testing.
The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko designed a power generation solution that offered flexibility as the project’s demands increased and then gradually tapered toward completion. Aggreko’s initial supply was a redundant 2.5 MW temporary power system that increased to a peak of just over 15 MW of power.

When Aggreko was informed that grid power would be delayed for more than a year, the team was able to respond quickly and provide an additional 8 MW to meet the growing needs of the customer. With the onset of the harsh Canadian winter season, Aggreko deployed a heating system that complied with on-site health and safety emissions requirements. Aggreko’s electrically powered heaters, designed to be placed inside buildings due to low emissions, proved to be safer and more efficient than existing site heaters.

As the project extended, Aggreko was able to develop easy-to­ install, scalable equipment options and offer back-up availability. Aggreko also deployed a service team of technicians housed on the project site. With service personnel present 24/7/365, response time was immediate.

Why was Aggreko chosen?

Providing unrivaled, high levels of customer service and meeting complex demands are what set Aggreko apart from other providers. Relying on its modular equipment configurations, full electrical design and support, and on-site technical team-Aggreko was able to bring industry expertise to the meet the needs of the oilsands.

When factored in from the start, the right rental equipment application can decrease turnaround timelines, increase seasonal limited production and reduce environmental impact.

    Key Benefits: Facts and Figures
  • A remote oilsands construction site required a complete temporary utility solution for critical project demands
  • Aggreko designed a scalable power system, expanding from 2.5 to 15 MW
  • Aggreko deployed a heating system in the harsh winter season, proving more effective than on-site heaters
  • Full electrical design and on-site support allowed uninterrupted production
  • Aggreko’s project management and 24/7 service met critical project demands