Case Study: Oil & Gas | Micro Grid Power Solution

Mississippi Lime

PROJECT SUMMARY: Turn-key power solution keeps Oilsands Running
Aggreko Solution A remote oilsands construction site required a complete temporary utility solution for critical project demands
Engineered temporary closed-loop chiller system managed seasonal temperature limitations
Pipeline flow increased by 50%, while discharge temperatures reduced by 10%
The Situation
When constant expansion and drilling opportunities require an ever-expanding need for reliable power, knowing when to expand can be a costly guessing game.
In the Mississippian Lime, one operator was developing in remote areas without grid power. The operator wanted to be prepared to scale up when wells began producing, and began to investigate alternative power providers. A better, more efficient growth plan was the goal.
The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko helped customize a scalable, temporary natural gas power solution addressing different growth phases — and shifting drill locations.

  • As wells were first coming online, Aggreko installed a mobile natural gas generator utilizing well gas.
  • Later, as overhead power lines were installed, Aggreko removed 40 small gen sets and replaced them with a single, natural gas micro-grid hooked up to customer well gas, and connected to overhead power lines.

Over an 18-month timeframe, Aggreko positioned the customer’s power requirements for maximum efficiency using the micro-grid, which included four 1.3 MW containerized natural gas units.

Equipped with Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) technology, which helps diagnose and proactively address any equipment-related issues, this micro-grid approach provided electricity to the field, bringing reliable, consistent power to the developing area — an approach the client could even replicate as needed, when drilling locations shift. Aggreko delivered approximately 8-10 cents/kW hour

Why was Aggreko chosen?

With expertise to keep the system online and a strong track record of helping such operators position power for the long haul — Aggreko was able to deliver cost savings and help remove uncertainty regarding expansion.

Instead of multiple generator installations, Aggreko installed a central power plant with built-in redundancy and uptime comparable to the grid. The natural gas option equated to fuel savings of 75% versus diesel.