Case Study: Oil & Gas | Scalable Power Solutions

Mississippi Lime Shale

The Situation
With constant drilling and growth opportunities in developing U.S. oil plays, many exploration and production companies are faced with limited access to electrical infrastructure to power their operations.
When a leading operator in the Mississippian Oil Play found its drilling operations expanding fast, it also found its need for power expanding, too. With insufficient access to grid power, the customer faced the critical question of whether to build its own utility infrastructure - or find a scalable, more budget-friendly option.
The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko developed an equipment and service package that was scalable, and could grow alongside the customer’s expanding operations. To address the customer’s concerns, Aggreko assembled a dedicated project team to help anticipate utility demands and design equipment packages that could be delivered upon need.

Aggreko began the first growth phase by delivering individual trailer-mounted diesel generator packages to 40 locations, with capacities ranging from 150 kW to 15 MW per site. As the customer’s operations expanded, Aggreko was able to scale its support, delivering more than 100 units while maintaining utility-grade power.

The dedicated project team provided 24/7/365 response throughout the operation – and the results were uninterrupted power and zero downtime. As the project expanded to 120 sites over an 18-month period, Aggreko provided a staff of 7 to 10 trained technicians working in one place, maintaining a continuous level service throughout the area.

Why was Aggreko chosen?

Through dedicated support infrastructure, trained technicians and rapid deployment, Aggreko delivered the service solution and exact power requirements that matched the producer’s rapid growth and expansion goals.

Instead of a day-to-day rental option, Aggreko’s service plan included a scaled approach that could deliver anywhere from one unit to 100 units on up to ensure long-term project efficiency.