Aggreko speaks at the Multi Well Pad Drilling 2014 Conference

October 1, 2014

Aggreko sponsored and spoke at the Multi Well Pad Drilling Conference in Houston, Texas this week. This event featured topics including Optimal Well Spacing, Wells per Pad, Pad Size, Pad Construction and Pad Operations for drilling.

Aggreko participated in the session titled, “Explaining how to choose the optimal pad size to deliver the lowest costs and maximum productivity for Multi-Well pad drilling”. During the 20-minute talk, Aggreko focused on topics around how to “Effectively and Efficiently Power the Multi Well Pad”. Aggreko presented case studies and data related to:

  • How to overcome challenged associated with varying fuel sources for power generation
  • How to account for scalability & reliability as Multi Well Pads expand and contract with drilling and production schedules
  • How to deliver safe power systems covered by live remote monitoring and maintenance

Click here to learn more about the Multi Well Pad Drilling 2014 Conference.