At Aggreko, we take safety seriously. – especially in the Oil Fields.  Our personnel have a duty of responsibility towards health and safety in our workplace regardless of what we do or where we work. Aggreko is committed to safety for our staff, visitors, contractors and customers in the operation of our equipment and services.

Safety for Life is a program with a sustainable message of our commitment to meet safety policies together with our personnel and stakeholders. We care about the welfare of all employees, visitors, contractors and customers by ensuring continuous business operation in a safe manner. We remain committed to following the guidelines at all times and we work with our visitors, contractors and customers to meet safety targets.

At Aggreko:

  • Health & Safety is compulsory
  • Health & Safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Health & Safety is a daily focus
  • Health & Safety is a way of life

We monitor Safety for Life through:

  • Ongoing safety training on various topics as relevant
  • Consultation and communication with employees and interested parties
  • Dedicated resources that manages all aspects of Safety for Life
  • Internal auditing and measurements, using various KPIs
  • Proactive safety measures to achieve continual improvement
  • Various employee health & well being measures